Thursday, June 30, 2011


  NeezythaDon of NiceBoiEnt is a Producer Out of Rancho Cucamonga CA Specializing in Music Production & Digital Recording in genres such as: R&B, Hip-Hop,Pop,Rock and simply catering to specific needs of an individual Artist, Group,or Band.
    Studio consist of a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) outfitted computer PC and MAC depending on project. Using software such as  Cakewalk Sonar, Sony Acid Pro,ProTools, just to name a few. Also using various Plug-ins such as “Waves” for mixing, mastering and effects,  “Antares” Plugins For voice enhancement etc...
    In Production, Neezy caters to what the artist is looking for in a music project , whether the artist is looking into starting a project from scratch, or continuing a project were it was left off. (with certain permissions from previous producer.) 

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